WWE Smackdown Superstar

WWE Smackdown Superstar
The Great Khali

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Steroid Trials & Subsequent Years

The World Wrestling Federation suffered one of it's biggest hits in the company's history when the Federal Government began to investigate a steroid scandal involving Dr. George Zaharian, the company's doctor at the time. Reputedly, steroid-use was rampant among wrestlers within the company (both in the wrestling circuit and the WBF, Vince McMahon's bodybuilding league) supplied through Zaharian. Zaharian himself received counts of litigation regarding his distribution of illegal suppliments through many athletes across the sporting spectrum. However, the tip-off that gave authorities cause to charge the WWF were shipment details to various WWF stars. Some of the larger names, most famous of which was Hulk Hogan, gained infamy when news of their long-time steroid use was revealed. Hogan, in particular, lost much fan confidence due to the allegations.
The Pennsylvanian Federal Office made strong efforts to have the WWF prosecuted over the issue, despite most of the alleged activities happening out of state in Conneticuit. However, Dr. Zaharian had been based in Penn State for most of the transactions, hence their eagerness to forge ahead with the case. The prosecution against the WWF rested upon two particular shipments of steroids addrressed from Vince McMahon to Hulk Hogan (one of which was dated two days after the WWF had actually appeared at the arena, thus making the accusation null and void). Over much deliberation, ultimately McMahon and the company were aquitted of the charges.
Despite the legal victory, the company suffered heavily from the publicity it caused. Ratings and Pay-Per-View buyrates fell as a result. Merchandise and ticket sales plumeted and for a while the company looked seriously towards bankrupcy.

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