WWE Smackdown Superstar

WWE Smackdown Superstar
The Great Khali

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WWE Online

In 1997, Shane McMahon helped form WWE's digital media department and launched WWF.com (now known as WWE.com), a site that receives more than seven million visitors a month.
On September 25, 2006 WWE announced the creation of the official Japanese WWE website, and has stated that they may start a number of other official WWE websites in foreign languages in the future [2].
On November 17, 2006, WWE.com reported that WWE officials and officials of DSE, the parent company of PRIDE Fighting Championships, had a meeting at WWE global headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The meeting focused on the possibility of the two groups doing some form of business together in the future [3] . But on March 27, 2007, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, president of DSE, announced that Station Casinos Inc. magnate Lorenzo Fertitta, also one of the co-owners of Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, had made a deal to acquire all the assets of PRIDE FC from DSE after PRIDE 34: Kamikaze in a deal worth about USD$70 million, and therefore the deal between DSE and WWE has reportedly been called off.

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